Hypnotic Gastric Remapping™

Have you ever thought about gastric band surgery, but are too nervous to go under the knife?

Do you have a BMI of over 30? (Or 25 with weight related heath risks.)  If so you may be suitable for our Hypnotic Gastric Adjustment Treatment.

Gastric band surgery has excellent success rates for people who want to control weight where other methods have failed, and the excess weight has become a maor health risk. The average person undergoing this method will lose half their excess weight in the first 2 years – many will lose far more in less time.

Any type of surgery has possible complications; however hypnosis can help you to feel the same effects as if you have had this surgery performed on you, making it easier for you to eat far smaller portions, while getting fuller much quicker and without the possible side effects of surgery.

Gastric Band Hypnosis Weight Loss is becoming increasingly popular, but we have heard that there are practitioners who will make their offices smell like hospitals – and I’ve even heard of some dressing in a white doctors coat. Now ask youself, if your therapist was good enough at what they do would they have to resort to these ‘tricks’?

Here at Broomfields Hypnotherapy we have decided to do things a little differently, and harness the power of your subconscious mind to re-map your brain’s interpretation of the stomach signals. We will arrange 4 session of hypnotherapy, and on the 4th session the Hypnotic Gastric Remapping™ will take place. We do it this way to help you change the way you eat, and your relationship to food. We then help your subconscious mind believe that the size of your stomach is much smaller. Most of our clients have found that they started losing weight from the very first session!

Compared to going “under the knife” this is a completely safe treatment, and you will also make a massive price saving – why pay up to £8,000.00 for this when you can have a hypnotic gastric adjustment for a fraction of the price?

Please call the Broomfields Hypnotherapy Centre now for a consultation.


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