Weight Control For Weight Loss OR Gain


Do you feel you are not in control of your weight?

Would you like to get rid of those extra pounds? Maybe you might feel you need to gain a few, in any case we can help you, with a weight control plan devised especially for you.

One of the important things we help you with at the Broomfields Hypnotherapy Centre is changing your relationship to food. How many times were you told as a child, eat all that or you get no desert, or there are starving kids in ……… These all have an impact on us as a child, and may be the reason you may overeat.

Also it has been shown that many bulimia sufferers will binge, and then purge as a method of gaining control they feel they may have lost at some point. Instead of us just getting them to eat more we will treat the reasons that people may feel this way in the first place.

Whatever your problems may be with weight control I am sure we can help you.

Gain control by calling today!


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