Teeth Grinding


Many people suffer with teeth grinding (medical term Bruxism) and often don’t even realise that they are doing it. It is only when their partners mention it, or they start to actually grind away the enamel of their teeth that they realise it.

Ten percent of all people suffer with Bruxism, and this can cause many dental problems as the teeth physically wear away. Often they may see a dentist for help, and may be fitted with a teeth guard, however this will not get rid of the actual grinding, but will offer some dental protection.

There may be underlying issues that your subconscious mind may be dealing with, and sometimes these display themselves by making you grind your teeth at night time – or during times of stress in the day. It has been know for some people just have a slight over or under or overbite that may make you grind your teeth as your subconscious mind feels they are not lining up properly.

Here at Broomfields Hypnotherapy we can treat the underlying reasons for your bruxism, and actually stop you grinding your teeth. Even if there is a physical reason that seems to make you grind you teeth we can still help you by teaching your subconscious mind to gain control of this, even while you are fast asleep!

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