Quit Smoking Forever

Hypnosis to quit smoking

For numerous smokers, giving up can prove the most challenging initiatives they have ever undertaken.

While some are successful at staying motivated to quit, quite a few other smokers find it impossible to maintain their self-discipline.

Strength of mind, used on its own, is an unreliable method for beating addictions – it works by making use of the conscious mind to overcome what are often complex, subconscious-based behavioural patterns.

Though you may get lucky and find success through making use of strength of will, it is a rather hit-and-miss approach to take, as our subconscious driving forces are normally outside of our range of awareness.

To boost the odds of successfully giving up smoking, it is helpful to get to the root of the underlying reason for the addiction.

For instance, do you turn to cigarettes when you feel worried, or do you smoke whenever you’re bored?

Understanding the true reason for your habits will make it easier to know which steps to take to get over them.

Another significant aspect in beating a dependency is being honest with yourself; if you’ve attempted without success many times to stop smoking, it may be time to admit that you might need a little assistance.

How does hypnotherapy help cigarette smokers?

Research shows that using a hypnotherapist can be three times more efficient for defeating smoking addiction than nicotine replacement therapy alone; simply because physical dependence on nicotine often plays a small part in the total dependency.

To properly free a person from their smoking cravings, the subconscious needs to be taken into consideration.

This is why hypnosis is so useful

When the client is in a deep state of hypnosis, they become more prepared to take suggestion from the hypnotherapist.

This means that the hypnotherapist can re-educate the subconscious mind to feel differently about cigarettes.

As an example, the hypnotherapist may convince the person that the next time they light up a cigarette, it might make their mouth feel uncomfortably dry, or that cigarette smoke smells revolting, like car exhaust.

Despite the fact that the customer is awake during the hypnosis session, the subconscious has been involved and is influenced more profoundly than during a normal treatment session.

Will it really help?

Everyone is without a doubt unique, so no single hypnotheraputic treatment method is sure to work for all people.

Yet countless people have found hypnotherapy to be an extremely positive encounter, often feeling more optimistic after a treatment.

Hypnotherapy has supported a large number of smokers in stopping for good.

Self-control is still required, although it may well not work when used in isolation.

Although self-control on its own can frequently be unsuccessful, it is still an important part of the process.

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