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High Blood Pressure

The Hypnotension Programme

The Hypnotension programme has been specifically designed to help the vast number of men and women with hypertension (high blood pressure).

High blood pressure – What is it?

The pressure your heart produces within your arteries as it pumps blood all around your body is called blood pressure. According to your activities and your psychological and mental state, your blood pressure level will go up and down through the day. But, should blood pressure levels remain high for a sustained time frame it is known as high blood pressure or ‘hypertension’.

Normal blood pressure is around 115/75 mmHg, but should your blood pressure be 140/90 or more for longer than two weeks, it is deemed to be high blood pressure. Having raised blood pressure requires the heart to work harder in order to move blood round the body and the more the pressure grows, the more your vessels are under strain and might possibly burst with disastrous results. Keep in mind countless things could affect your blood pressure reading, so one high reading does not always mean high blood pressure.

Should the blood pressure reach 160/100 mmHg or even higher, you would be considered to be at considerable risk therefore you would generally be given drugs to help to get it under control. Seeing as there are so numerous variables that must be considered there is no one-size-fits all with relation to the medication. In a perfect world, a blood pressure reading of 115/75 mmHg is the perfect point and you should attempt to ensure that it stays below 120/80 mmHg when possible.

What makes raised blood pressure so much of a problem?

Hypertension is the reason for 20-25% of all deaths globally and affects something like one in three people globally. That means within the UK and United States around 16 million and 50 million adults are affected respectively. Around 90 percent of all cases of high blood pressure no known medical cause is discovered. This is what’s called essential or primary Hypertension and it is these people that the Hypnotension system was created for.

Elevated blood pressure is a major risk factor for cardiac arrest, strokes and artery disease, to name a few. Elevated blood pressure has a negative effect on quality of life as well as reducing life span.

With primary or essential high blood pressure it is considered that lifestyle aspects tend to be the probable cause.

A sedentary way of life, unhealthy diet, being overweight and being out of shape physically, along with environmental aspects and lifestyle choices, are all considered to cause and sustain high blood pressure. Panic and anxiety are also known to have a major effect on raised blood pressure.

These are definitely elements many hypertensive men and women find it hard to manage. These lifestyle elements are not just challenging to deal with for people with elevated blood pressure, the majority of the population struggles with them.

A doctor will suggest medication if he or she thinks the lifestyle change just isn’t effective or not enough to help the situation.

If their patient is unable, or often unwilling, to make the lifestyle changes, they are left with no other option other than medication to ensure the safety of their patient. Nonetheless, these medicines typically include major uncomfortable side effects like bronchial asthma, erection dysfunction, a dry persistent cough, insomnia along with other sleep issues.

Basically the components contributing to this problem are emotional and medical practitioners generally work with the symptoms and simply don’t have the time to solve the underlying cause. This is where the Hypnotension programme steps in. It addresses the part of the mind that typically harbours the majority of behavioural patterns, the Hypnotension system can find the actual cause and provide help to create a change for the better.

Paul Rungay is a skilled Hypnotension specialist based in Essex who will help you make positive progress with the lifestyle reasons that may be causing you to suffer with this problem.

A favourable change may help you to reduce your medication or maybe leave it behind completely. The next step is yours. If you want to take a bigger part in your health and well being why not ring or message me to go over your alternatives. The alterations you can create with the Hypnotension system can impact on your way of life for the better long-term.

Here at the Broomfields Hypnotherapy Centre we are proud to be one of the first certificated Hypnotension practitioners in the UK!

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