Help reduce Hypertension by getting outside in natural sunlight

Help reduce Hypertension by getting outside in natural sunlight

You could think that going on holiday and evading the treadmill of work is what de-stresses us, yet the sun may actually be playing a bigger role than previously thought.

Research from Edinburgh and Southampton Universities* uncovered that subjecting the body to the light of the sun could help to decrease hypertension by stimulating the skin to release Nitric Oxide – this raises the concentration in the bloodstream.

We obtain Nitric Oxide from leafy green vegetables and Beetroot. It helps our blood vessels relax which in turn can lessens our blood pressure levels.

They found out that sunlight was a fundamental element in releasing the skin’s substantial supplies of Nitric Oxide, enabling small amounts to get into the blood.

While too much exposure to sunlight can increase the possibility of cancers in the skin, the study suggests these hazards will be outweighed by the advantages of sunlight in cutting cardio-vascular disorders, such as high blood pressure.

Raised blood pressure is thought to cause around 30% of all deaths across the world, whereas under 1% of deaths are due to skin cancer, based on the World Health Organisation statistics.

The research explains why blood pressure rates are more likely to rise in the winter, and tend to be higher in northern countries.

The study exposed twenty four healthy subjects to Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays in two 20 minute sessions. The results showed an increase in the levels of Nitric Oxide in the blood, which diminished hypertension levels in the subjects.

Martin Feelisch, Professor of Experimental Medicine and Integrative Biology from the University of Southampton stated, “It may be an opportune time to reassess the risks and benefits of sunlight for human health and to take a fresh look at current public health advice. Avoiding excess sunlight exposure is critical to prevent skin cancer, but not being exposed to it at all, out of fear or as a result of a certain lifestyle, could increase the risk of cardiovascular disease”.

Obviously, even though a holiday sometimes is always welcome, there are numerous issues that cause high blood pressure, most of which can be altered by making small changes to your lifestyle, which can assist keep blood pressure levels down throughout the year.


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Could hypnosis definitely work for me?

Could hypnotherapy definitely work for me?

When some people think of hypnosis, pictures of moving pocket watches may be the first thing they think of, together with the words ‘you are feeling sleepy… very drowsy’. Or perhaps they remember seeing stage hypnosis television shows where people in the crowd are made to act foolishly.

Far from being a sort of entertainment, real hypnotherapy can provide individuals with the capability to break down harmful habits, like overeating or smoking, through dealing with the unconscious.

But of course, if you’re considering using this hypnotheraputic treatment for yourself, it is natural (and wise) to wonder, ‘hypnotherapy – does it work?’.

With so countless common myths surrounding this practice, it is important to learn the truth about a hypnotic approach and how it can bring favourable changes to your life.

How does it work?

The hypnotherapist helps the customer change deeply embedded values, thought patterns and routines by getting access to the subconscious and ‘planting’ new concepts.

The subconscious mind recalls all of what we have witnessed or experienced, as opposed to the conscious mind which rapidly forgets the vast majority of our memories.

By handling these subconscious ideas and habits, the hypnotherapist will help the person produce more constructive and healthy thought processes.

The stereotypical belief is that a hypnotic approach means sending the client to sleep.

Rather, the person is eased into a state of deep relaxation.

It’s common for those who enter a state of hypnosis only to realise that they have been ‘’in’ hypnosis once they are going back into a normal state of consciousness.

Now and then customers never even feel like their mental state has been changed at all, as awareness of activities around them for instance the hypnotherapist’s voice or sounds from outside remain consistent through the treatment.

Having said that, customers can be amazed at the amount of time that has gone by during their session, as one’s own perception of time ends up being modified whilst in a profound state of relaxation.

Genuine overall results

Many people have successfully overcome problems with a hypnotic approach, for example excessive weight, sadness, addictive problems, smoking tobacco, anxious feelings and sleep disorder, and now have strongly recommended it to people they know.

Quite a few celebrities have also taken advantage of visiting a hypnotherapist for a range of problems; this includes Matt Damon, Jack Dee, Sophie Dahl and Simon Cowell.

Whilst hypnosis profession has only attained widespread notice recently, it is believe it or not an acknowledged industry – in the 1890’s, the British Medical Association commissioned a study which mentioned that “as a therapeutic agent hypnotism is frequently effective in relieving pain, procuring sleep, and alleviating many functional ailments [i.e. psycho-somatic complaints and anxiety disorders].”

Einstein is even thought to have used it!

With more than a century of beneficial feedback, and quite a few personal successes, hypnosis comes with a tried-and-tested way to solve a large selection of issues.

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Hypnosis to stop eating sweets, crisps, cakes and biscuits

Hypnosis to stop eating sweets, crisps, cakes and biscuits

There is an over-abundance of choice with respect to unhealthy foods. It’s everywhere; on television ads, signs – even when you’ve done your supermarket shop they try to catch you at the final hurdle with racks of chocolate bars waiting for you at the till.

These temptations could possibly be easy to ignore for all those with a strong will, alternatively, for some they trigger a difficult psychological conflict.

Even though people who smoke and alcoholics are in general told that what they are dealing with are addictive problems, those who battle with excessive snacks or emotional comfort eating tend to be regarded with less sympathy.

Therefore, problems such as self-hatred or low self-esteem can surface which frequently end up making the matter worse.

Yet in spite of the general lack of understanding, being addicted to goodies like cakes, crisps or sweets is indeed an addiction, which regularly means that determination alone is just not enough to get over it.

What makes us overeat?

Harmful addictions and behaviours come from the subconscious.

Our minds create emotional coping techniques as we suffer difficult circumstances during our lives.

When the mind has related a specific strategy with the feelings of contentment or stress relief, it makes us think that we need to stick to this same strategy each time we feel bad.

Young children are often rewarded for good conduct with harmful treats or snacks.

In some cases these types of food may also be used as a way of cheering up a child who might be feeling down, or by the adult to ‘make up’ for something bad that has taken place (“I’m sorry I missed your school play; let’s buy some sweets on the way home”).

These types of patterns from the parent can then turn into internal thinking patterns, causing junk food being linked with feeling good, because of this the next time we feel bad about something we automatically desire these junk foods.

Stimulating the subconscious

By engaging the subconscious mind, a hypnotherapist can help you stop eating sugary sweets, crisps, brownies and cookies.

A hypnotherapist can help you feel less desire for junk foods by making use of powerful suggestion and imagery, in the same manner hypnotherapy can assist smokers find cigarettes revolting.

Unlike typical dieting strategies which rely exclusively on a person’s motivation, hypnotherapy gets to the fundamental cause for your eating habits, replaces the previous thinking with new thinking, thus liberating you from the habitual beliefs you have about food and eating.

As an alternative to having to struggle to restrict your snacking habits, avoiding these foods is going to become normal and simple for you.

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Hypnosis for delivering a presentation and speaking in public

Hypnosis for presenting and public speaking

You might have agreed to present some business concepts to your sales team. You usually feel quite afraid about this type of thing, but you keep convincing yourself that it’ll be alright. As the time for you to speak publicly draws closer and closer, you start to rue ever saying yes to it. The mere thought of giving a presentation of your thoughts to your team will bring you out in a sweat and make your heart race.

Is this a familiar picture?

Let me tell you, you are in good company. As much as 10 percent of British people deal with social anxiety attacks; which suggests; around 6.3 million people know exactly how you are feeling.

Precisely how public speaking nervousness will affect our life.

Far from being merely a minor problem, presentation nerves can trigger profound unwanted effects in a person’s life; causing youngsters to quit college, job-seekers to fail at career interviews, even leading men and women to steer clear of job promotions for fear of formal presentations.

Prevalent social anxiety problems are:

Hammering heart

Perspiring or hot flushes

Growing red in the face

Tummy problems or a feeling of sickness

Struggling to think clearly

Stuttering or stammering

Feeling infuriated

Anxiety-induced sleeping disorders

How a hypnotic approach for presentation nervousness helps

Presentation nerves will often be induced by early experiences of embarrassment or humiliation in a social setting. While we every now and then can’t actually remember these incidents, most are stored in the subconscious and affect the way we feel about ourselves; for instance, they may make us feel that we are bound to say something ridiculous in front of a group of people.

After guiding the client into a hypnotic state of relaxation, the hypnotherapist can start to replace these subconscious beliefs with more beneficial, positive suggestions about how the client feels about social scenarios. Not only will this help the person to feel relaxed and self-confident with speaking in public and oral presentations, but they are also apt to encounter advancements in other areas of their life too when they are free of prior detrimental beliefs about themselves.

Social anxiety is reasonably easy and straightforward to treat with hypnotherapy.

After only a few sessions, quite a few clients start to experience a considerable change in the way they respond to social settings and circumstances.

A hypnotic approach for social anxiety can assist you to:

Feel at ease, confident as well as in control while you’re publicly speaking.

Participate in conventions, networking, and cold calls free of nervousness and panic.

Assist you to feel relaxed with being the centre of attention.

Actually take pleasure in presenting and public speaking!

At Broomfields Hypnotherapy, we have specialist therapists to support those with presentation nerves, and related troubles for example blushing. Our experts have supported quite a few business men and women, and those from company backgrounds to conquer their anxiousness and turn into successful presenters.

Hypnosis for presentation nerves not only aids in commercial matters; it has also made it easier for people feel more confident when giving wedding speeches, PTA events, and even making complaints!

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Lower the pressure to save the NHS

Saw this link about the Hypnotension service – it’s changing people’s lives right now! (And also saving the NHS a fortune!)

And I am proud to say I was the first Hypnotension certified practitioner from Essex!

Click here for details.

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TOWIE On ITV2 Last Night – Hope You Saw Our Practice

The Only Way Is Essex was shown on ITV2 last night, and it was probably one of the funniest shows from the series so far!

Arg came in to me next door neighbour Anna of the Broomfields Therapy Centre, and had a colonic irrigation treatment. It was so funny seeing Mark react to what was coming out!!

It was only brief, but you did get to see a little of our fantastic location – and we have been told the may be filming here again some time soon! (Who knows – maybe someone would like some help with weight loss, or perhaps somebody else might need some help to stop going under the surgeon’s knife, and realise she is already looking “reem” and doesn’t need any more additions!)

I thought I would post a couple of screen shots from last night, in case you missed it:

Broomfields Hyponotherapy on The Only Way Is Essex


The Only Way Is Essex Visit


My Good Friend, and Landlady Anna of the Broomfield Therapy Centre With Marg


Anna of Broomfields Therapy, about to give Arg his Colonic!



As you may realise we have a very quiet, traquil setting away from the general hustle and bustle of the high street. Call us now to book a free consultation!


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TOWIE Stars Filming at Broomfields!

Over the last few days everyone at Great Broomfields have been very excited about the filming of tomorrow’s (Weds 19th Oct) The Only Way Is Essex!

I will not give away of the the story, but all I will say is that it was great seeing Mark and “Arg” and the team, while all of us around were trying to carry on with our normal daily routines.

The show will be aired on ITV 2 at 10:00pm, so get your +boxes ready – it should be one of the funniest TOWIES so far!

Broomfields Hypnotherapy is set in a lovely 7 acres of quiet countryside making it the perfect place for filming, BUT is also perfect for you to come along and relax, enjoying the peace and quiet. It really is the most tranquil setting, and I know you will start to feel more relaxed before you even get to our office.

We can help with many issues ranging from Anxiety, right through to Zoophobia (fear of animals) with pretty much everything in between, so give us a call now, and see why we feel it is a fantastic location, away from the hubbub, yet only a few minutes drive from Wickford and the A127.

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Hypnotension Comes to Essex!

1st Certified Hypnotension Practitioner In Essex!

I am proud to say that Paul Rungay of Broomfields Hypnotherapy has passed the Hypnotension Practitioner course.

Hypertension will affect  1 in 5 people in the UK, and of these 90% will have no clear medical cause. Unfortunatel s do not get the time to go through their patients lifestyle factors to see how they might be able to make the changes needed.

Hypnotension™ practitioners use cognitive and behavioural techniques to ensure that we can put an end to your high blood pressure. And unlike your doctor we DO have the time available to dedicate to you to enable us to get to the root causes.

Broomfields Hypnotherapy are the first practice to offer this service in Essex, so call us now and get your blood pressure under control.

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Hypnosis In Bodybuilding

Can Hypnotherapy Help With Bodybuilding?

Hypnotherapy has been shown to improve recuperation from hospital operations, and healing in general, so why not muscle repair after a heavy workout? It is truly amazing what the mind can do, changing blood flow, and even turning off pain receptors, so it is believed that hypnotherapy would be a great aid to bodybuilding, and strength sports.

Also, when training with ever increasing weights, we often give up mentally before our bodies actually do – everyone manages to do that one extra rep when you have a training partner – even if they are not physically helping you. This is often because you don’t want to appear weaker to them, so will drive yourself even harder. Well, with hypnotherapy you can put your bring into gear to help exercise those muscles more thoroughly.

Brain power will often overcome physical strength – we have probably all heard about the lady who picked up a car that had run over a child. This is clearly when her brain took over, and although she would never normally have managed it when she was motivated she was able to move the car from her child. Hypnotherapy can be used the same way, telling you that you can lift heavier weights – and we all know that a body builder will never grow more muscle mass without lifting progressively heavier weights.

To build this Kind of mass you need to train smart!


So why not put your mind into gear before engaging the rest of your muscles, start training smart, and BELIEVE that you can be stronger than ever before. No pro sportsman ever goes out doubting their abilities – if they did they would NEVER win! Don’t you owe it to yourself to become a winner?

Here at Broomfields Hypnotherapy we know that your mind can be used you to help in so many ways, not jut for sporting purposes, but for any issues you may have. Become the best YOU that you can be – call us today!

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Practice Now Open

Broomfields Hypnotherapy’s New Practice Open NOW!

After extensive work we are now glad to tell you we are fully open and ready for our new clients in the Wickford area.

I so glad to report that we are now up and running in Wickford. The office looks fantastic and is part of the Broomfields Therapy Centre, this complex has a specialist colonic irrigation centre, massage therapy, and a large gym used by the personal trainer based there. It is becoming a great holistic therapy centre, and it is sure to be well used by the locals.

As we are only 2 minutes away from the A127 we are sure that people travelling to and from Southend to London will find it a great location for their theraputic needs.

Whatever your isues may be, we are sure to be able to help you. From Anxiety through to Zoophobia and everything in between including stopping smoking forever and weight control, hypnotherapy has been shown to be able help you.

We will not charge you for the initial consutation, so call us now and book and appointment!

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