Not local? We can Skype™!

Hello everyone.

Over the last few months and years I have seen great changes in the way I treat people. There are always new therapeutic developments and, as we all know, technology is changing almost daily.

I am embracing these changes and have found that hypnotherapy via Skype™ can be a great way to help clients who are too busy, or even have debilitating phobias that can even stop them getting to me for the help that I can give.

Now, please don’t get me wrong; I am happy to treat clients in the comfort of their own homes, but quite often the extra time spent travelling and fuel costs can make this more expensive. In these times of austerity I was thinking of other ways that I could bring my services to my clients.

So here’s the ‘techy’ bit..

How about hypnotherapy via internet?

Most modern smart phones, tablets and laptops have access to Skype™ – which is a video calling application. It’s just like making a telephone call, but with the added advantage of sending and receiving video. I have found this a great medium for hypnotherapy, meaning my clients get treatment in their home at a time that suits them and without the travelling expenses. It means the client will feel safe, secure and so much more comfortable – which makes therapy easier for both the client and myself.

Just like my normal hypnotherapy sessions we will have a chat about what is troubling you, and come up with a treatment plan to suit your needs. The hypnosis is just the same other than the distance between us.

We can arrange a free initial consultation to be done via internet, so you can see how this service would work for you.

I believe that this service can and does already bring great value to my clients both financially and in their valuable time, Maybe this is just what you’ve been waiting for?


Give me a call to find out more.

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Love Handles?

Many marriages can start off fabulously, and I’m sure that when you wed the love of your life you probably lost some weight, and tried to shape up for the big day, to look fabulous in the wedding photos.

In time that magic can wear off, you get comfortable, and start to pile on the pounds. After a while it seems you’re twice the person you were when you tied the knot – in size, if not in stature. The Love Handles are really not a good look, and when they get too big your partner might even have problems reaching them – or worse! She may not wan’t hold them any more!

Wouldn’t it be great to get back into shape? To lose the Love Handles? To have your love look at you the way they did back then?

Well, you can! You don’t need to crash diet, or go on exhausting week long training camps. It’s all about being in control. So why not gain control once again? Get back to the shape you know deep inside that you would love to be once more.

At Broomfields Hypnotherapy we can help you with this. Get you back on track, and start living life the way you really want to; healthier, fitter, happier. With the added bonus of having a longer life to enjoy all the good things this can bring.

Call us today, and get yourself back on track. We offer Hypnotic Gastric Remapping™ as well as other general weight loss help.

Gain control again! The only thing you have to lose is the weight!

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New Years Resolve Slipping?

Let Us Help You Achieve Your Goals!



Everyone sets out with the very best of intentions on new years day, but we all know how tricky it can sometimes be to stay on track. It’s about this time of the month that we find we may need some help to stop us from losing heart, or giving up entirely. Perhaps you don’t quite have the will power now that you had on January the first..

If any of this rings true with you then perhaps you may be able to use our services. Hypnotherapy has been shown time and time again to give you the inner strength that you need to stick to your targets, and achieve the results you really want.

We can show you how to utilize the inner strength of your subconscious mind to give you more will power than you ever knew you had. Imagine how easily you could reach your goals, when you have an undoubting, true belief in yourself!

This is the power that is already within yourself, but we know it can be tough to bring that belief out, and use it to power yourself along to your goals and dreams. We can help you with weightloss, smoking, dealing with stress, phobias and many other things.

Get rid of those doubts now – let us help you become the person you really know you can be, deep inside. With our help you can make 2015 the year for you; the year that you become the winner you know you are!

Call us today for a chat, and keep this year on course.

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Combating Anger

Eradicating anger effectively

People commonly experience an array of thoughts throughout the course of each day, and for most people they will be able to control their feelings and keep things at bay.

Strong feelings, such as rage, may sometimes be harder for some to control, and this may have a damaging impact on our social and family life.

Uncontrolled temper can be associated with stress, anxiety and depression, either as a symptom or underlying cause, but they all are treatable.

Anger can trigger quite a few of the physical responses that stress has – raising heart rate, blood pressure levels and adrenalin levels.

These significant problems can cause issues in their daily life on often these problems can spill into their work as well as relationships with family and friends.

Some of the common issues with anger management issues manifest in them feeling aggravated with the people around them as well as experiencing feelings of rage whilst driving.



Long term unresolved anger can create a downward spiral leading to mental health problems like depression symptoms, as well as medical conditions such as elevated blood pressure.

The reasons for anger problems vary significantly from person to person.

Previous experiences of hurt, bereavement or frustration or difficult conditions can bring about the onset of anger difficulties.

All of these anger triggers are readily helped by making use of hypnotherapy techniques.

Hypnotherapy works by establishing underlying factors that may be the root cause of these temper problems, and communicating with the subconscious mind in order to change the patterns of behaviour and ways that individuals think.

In addition, the process of hypnotherapy is naturally relaxing, which will help to reduce the adrenaline levels, allowing the individual to cope better with previously stressful circumstances.

Hypnotherapy strategies help people to respond differently to trigger situations which help to prevent the wrath rising in the first place.

This helps the person feel more in charge, which in turn assists them to really feel at ease faster than before.

And just as removing fuel from a fire stops it spreading; simply by helping the person to take care of the underlying reasons for anger can lead to a dramatic advancement in their social and work life.

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Helping Children Beat Panic or Anxiety

Children and Anxiety

Anxiety is a form of stress that a person can encounter physically, mentally and psychologically. Anxiety attacks in children can come from a large number of different sources although it is commonly anticipation of events that lies at the bottom of the issue. Feelings of lack of control are a common factor in panic and anxiety, and so children, with their limited autonomy, can be quite vulnerable.

The effects of panic and anxiety on children

A little anxiousness in childhood is normal and numerous children go through phases of it. These periods of anxiousness are quite often self-contained and pass quickly, causing no lasting issues. However, there are some children who find they are routinely plagued by stress and anxiety.

Just like adults, children can be influenced by anxiety attacks in a variety of ways. They could find they become dizzy or have sweaty or shaky hands, quick heartbeat and difficulty breathing.

Anxiety and panic in children can come on as a result of many things including sibling rivalry, bullying, school work, or playground fights. The problem is that when a child develops anxiety they can become withdrawn, uneasy or frightened and this can have a serious effect on their development. They may begin to avoid places or people that cause that reaction in them. For instance, anxiety attacks at high school can lead to absenteeism, as they seek to avoid the negative feelings.

Children can have trouble sleeping, become moody, exhibit a reduction in concentration at school, miss social events and even turn to alcohol and drug abuse if the situation is just not addressed early enough. Early resolution of anxiety stop these responses being adopted as normal habits and therefore affecting them for their entire life.

How can you treat anxiety in children?

When a child is being affected by anxiety attacks, it is likely that the behaviours will be induced as a result of the beliefs held at a subconscious level which is where hypnotheraputic techniques comes into play. By using hypnosis the child can really be helped to come to terms with these feelings and address the underlying beliefs.

While children may not have the maturity to understand or explain their feelings, they can still be helped. A good hypnotherapist would work with whatever the child presents, to help them at any level of maturity. Children tend to be far more receptive to hypnotheraputic approaches than adults simply because they spend a lot of time making use of their active imagination. A child can every now and then be in a deep hypnotic state of relaxation within a few minutes whereas some adults can take considerably longer to reach a similar state. During the hypnotherapy session children can use the power of their imagination freely. They create powerful visualisations that could help them find new creative ways of dealing with the anxiety problems.

As a starting point, once the requirements of consent have been addressed, the hypnotherapist would seek to identify the scenarios and circumstances which make the child really feel anxious. From there, a therapy plan can be created to help the child truly feel more in control and cope with these situations in a more relaxed way.

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Breaking Cannabis Dependency

Breaking the cannabis dependencyjoint

There are a number of reasons why people start making use of cannabis. Frequently it is to distract them from life’s problems. In some instances, it’s a result of long term problems, such as anxiety attacks, depression, and problems relating with friends and relations. While cannabis isn’t an ‘addictive’ drug per se, reliance can quickly form when utilised as a way to get away from life’s problems. What things can a cannabis user do to break this reliance?

Let’s start with some information about how cannabis is commonly used. It can be found in numerous different forms and with various levels of potency. The types include; skunk, oil, hash, grass, or weed. Though they come from the same plant it’s the breed and cultivation of the plant can determine its potency. Cannabis is generally smoked using cigarette papers or pipes; nonetheless it can also be made into a tea.

Marijuana can be used to aid sleep, help reduce pain and raise feelings of relaxation. The sociable aspect cannabis smoking is frequently a large part of any dependence and is more often than not cited as a key factor.

There are other negative effects that are conveniently forgotten such as paranoia, panic and anxiety attacks, dizziness, nausea, tension, hallucinations, psychosis, short term memory loss and lack of coordination. These adverse reactions usually accumulate over time, by which time it can be tough to stop. Sadly, it is only at this point that the cannabis user may realise they have become reliant.

Ingesting cannabis could also bring unwelcome physical effects. These can include rapid pulse rate, high blood pressure levels, virility problems and also a loss of memory, balance and coordination.

If you are affected by a cannabis dependency you may understand all of these risks, but you may also still find yourself surrendering to the drug. This is because the dependency takes hold in the psychological levels of mind in addition to the conscious thinking parts.

The use of hypnotherapy can free you from a cannabis reliance. To begin with you should discuss your cannabis behaviour with your hypnotherapist to establish a good form of therapy. By making use of hypnotheraputic approaches you can create a more effective way of getting rid of the cannabis habit. Perhaps it is time to make a change that can have a real beneficial effect on your life in so many different ways. Hypnotheraputic treatments for cannabis might just be the road to a better life.

Paul Rungay from Broomfields Hypnotherapy based in Essex said, “Over the last few years I have treated many clients with a dependency on cannabis who had decided that they really didn’t want to use it any longer, but just couldn’t do it by sheer will power alone. I have had fantastic results in people of all ages, and from all walks of life.”

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Tackling Low Self Esteem

Simple methods to take care of low self-confidence.

A great many people will probably endure highs and lows in their confidence levels during their lifetime, but for many, certain situations can make it challenging to regain their self-confidence fully. Having low self-confidence may mean it is challenging to speak in public, manage stressful circumstances or even attend social events. More often than not low confidence can be caused by having a low self-worth, and people may judge themselves in a detrimental way; it is normally directed at their physical appearance.

Those that have low confidence may appear introvert and self conscious, with difficulty in confrontational circumstances.

In many cases, the environment a person is brought up in could affect the confidence of an individual. Negative incidents, constant critical judgement and even bullying can cause low self-confidence in people, as can situations later in life.

Regretfully, if left untreated, low self-confidence can cause further problems, such as social anxiety, depression, panic attacks and stress. People with low-confidence normally indulge in negative thinking patterns and these patterns can setup feelings of worthlessness and inappropriate beliefs about themselves. Low self-confidence may have ramifications on large aspects of our lives; it can affect things like our social life, how we interact with relatives and friends, interviews and management meetings where you work.

However, confidence issues can be sorted out effectively with the right type of help. Low self-confidence is by and large brought on by inappropriate patterns of behaviour about themselves. By modifying these habits and instilling thoughts and feelings of higher levels of self-confidence, a person can begin to see the huge rewards of gaining help. Higher amounts of confidence can make a significant difference to everything – from relationships with family and friends to career prospects as well as general state of mind.

Using hypnotherapy strategies are one of the most effective ways of eliminating low self-confidence and it could quickly help to make substantial improvements in the person’s confidence levels. It seeks to establish the fundamental cause of the feelings of low confidence and low self-worth and deal with it.

Hypnosis communicates with the subconscious mind and alters the belief systems by replacing negative ideas about oneself with beneficial beliefs of high confidence and self-worth. The strategies used by hypnotherapists are designed to gently find any underlying problems, and deal with factors that may have been quelling your confidence and ability to lead a normal everyday life.

Paul Rungay, an established hypnotherapist, who works at Broomfields Hypnotherapy explained, “many of my clients have seen me for low self esteem issues, thinking they were never good enough. They would often put themselves down, and one client even said it’s better he does it than for someone else to do it for him! It is important to get to the root of these problems, and helping my clients start to naturally feel good about themselves. Many of my clients have said this help has transformed their lives, so – if you feel you may be holding yourself back in situations that you’d love to be in the forefront give us a call.”

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Gastric band hypnotherapy comes of age

The hypnotic gastric band comes into its own

Perhaps you have considered choosing gastric band surgery to provide help to shed unwanted weight, but perhaps felt that you couldn’t afford it, or that the concept of undergoing such invasive surgical procedure is off putting? If those factors are not a worry for you, maybe you’ve been thinking of looking into it as a technique to your difficulties?

Read this article before you make your mind up about it. And if you believed that a real weight loss solution was beyond your budget, the subsequent article is for you also.

Below we’ll explain how the non-surgical solution, gastric band hypnotherapy, can be a less dangerous and more cost efficient option.

The Dangers of Gastric Band Surgical Treatment

With any kind of surgery there comes some increased risk. The surgeon may experience unexpected complications whilst operating, or you might have a bad reaction to the operation after your initial recovery. Gastric band surgery is no different; some individuals who have been fitted with the band experienced problems such as abdominal pain, feeling sick and bringing back up food, resulting in the band needing to be taken off again. As the surgical procedure did nothing to overcome the root cause for the person’s weight issues, after the band is removed (which of course requires yet another risky, invasive operation) they usually put any weight they had lost right back on again.

A Smart Decision for Your Overall Health as well as Your Wallet

Gastric band medical procedures can cost up to £7K, and can’t promise a pain-free, long-term resolution for your weight problems. Yet gastric band hypnosis is completely safe and far less costly than its pricey surgical equivalent. A hypnosis gastric band is placed by the hypnotherapist deep in the subconscious, bypassing the requirement to alter the actual stomach.

Using the power of suggestion and strong visualisation with the individual while they are in deep relaxation, the hypnotherapist convinces the subconscious mind that a genuine gastric band has actually been fitted around the stomach. The result is that the individual can begin to feel fuller much quicker after eating, in a similar way they would after gastric band surgery.

By utilising hypnosis, the hypnotherapist can also handle the underlying causes for the client’s factors with food. Hence, the person has a much better chance of achieving sustainable weight management results than they would after having gastric band surgery.

Maintaining Weight reduction Results

A hypnotherapy gastric band provides long term weight control without the risks. You won’t have any anxiety about the prospect of reversal surgery in the coming years, and the ‘band’ can easily be tweaked to meet your evolving needs after some time.

Should you want to slow down or increase your weight loss outcomes, this is extremely difficult and expensive to do with a physical gastric band, yet doing this is simple with hypnosis and only requires another session with your therapist. The professional hypnotherapist can assess your changing weight reduction needs and make adjustments to the band as required.

Unlike gastric band surgery, a hypnotic gastric band leaves you thoroughly in control of your weight loss.

Contact us if you would like to discuss this, and any other treatments.

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Stoptober Made Easier With Hypnotherapy!!

Quitting smoking by making use of hypnotherapy makes it much simpler

The potential risks of smoking tobacco are incredibly well known. Cardiac arrest, lung conditions, mouth cancers, to mention just a few. Since you smoke cigarettes, there’s a 50% probability that you’re going to perish from your habit.

If you’re a tobacco smoker yourself, you’ll understand that, as horrible as this info is, it pales into insignificance when you get that very familiar yearning for a smoke. Nicotine is known as a stimulant and enhances dopamine quantities inside the mind. Regardless of how in control you think you are, you actually use tobacco because nicotine satisfies the part of the brain that corresponds to pleasure and incentives.

Furthermore, we produce other habits affiliated with smoking. You can have a cigarette halfway through your favourite soap. Or sometimes when you are significantly bored to death or sad. Additionally there are the specific physical habits affiliated with smoking, in particular the hand to mouth activities. This is the reason many individuals report putting on the weight following quitting smoking given that they need to have something to do with the hands and that is as a rule eating.

As a tobacco smoker will mean you’ll grow social habits beside the dependency. From time to time you meet men and women may very well not have talked to if you didn’t smoke. In the event you smoke a cigarette you frequently communicate with several other people who smoke inside your work place whenever you all assemble collectively for the duration of break periods. Whenever you take note of every one of these aspects, finally quitting may be a overwhelming experience.

Should you smoke, or used to smoke, you’ll already know endeavouring to stop is very challenging. Assistance for men and women planning on giving up is still moderately insufficient. There are arising amount of advertising campaigns and posters featuring the dangers of cigarettes but the available alternatives are usually worthless and just as costly as smoking cigarettes. Nicotine continues to be the main ingredient associated with these alternatives, that means you won’t light up nowadays nevertheless, you continue to be addicted to the nicotine.

The main competition when it comes to tobacco seem to be Electronic Cigarettes. They are usually gizmos are made with water vapour and nicotine, meaning you can carry out the behaviour of using tobacco without ever actually smoking a thing besides nicotine and other chemical substances. Electronic Cigarettes are at this point not regulated, and the potential problems are currently unknown. Given that Electronic Cigarettes still provide you with nicotine, you’ll still be dependent on the drug.

For a long term remedy for your tobacco dependency, consider hypnotherapy.

If you intend on quitting smoking for good, you’ll want to have substantial determination. Individuals should never consider hypnosis as long as they continue being undecided about giving up. A professional therapist will check into this concern along with you in advance of suggesting hypnosis to ensure that you will be successful using hypnotherapy. It really is improbable you will gain any success from hypnotherapy if you don’t feel 100% prepared to stop smoking.

When you are capable to get into an altered state of consciousness you could possibly obtain greater control and impact over the adverse behavioural patterns stored in your subconscious mind. You will have the capability to unlock the capability and potential of the thoughts in general and find the opportunity to keep control of improper habits and unwanted behaviours.

Making an effort to give up smoking cigarettes isn’t any fun, and it can be very lonely too. You may find nonetheless, a huge amount of those that have had faster results with a hypnotic approach than those employing nicotine replacement types of help.

Hypnotherapy is an excellent option for those people seeking a fast and efficient way to give up using cigarettes for the rest of their life.

Paul Rungay from Broomfields Hypnotherapy, said “there has never been a better time to quit smoking for good! With Stoptober around the corner I have decided to reduce all my stop smoking plans by 30%, so not only will you get great value, but just think of the savings you could make over the years to come.”

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High Blood Pressure?

Using Hypnotension for High Blood Pressure

The chances are that if you are reading this web page, you or someone close has been given a diagnosis of high blood pressure (Hypertension).

You are probably looking for ways to get your blood pressure back in control or perhaps you are just looking for information about the problem and how it’s going to affect you.

Your blood pressure reading is a measure of the load your blood vessels are under.

It naturally changes during the day, depending on your emotional state and physical activity levels, however when it stays regularly too high over time it is known as high blood pressure or ‘hypertension’, which literally means ‘over pressure’.

High blood pressure has reached epidemic proportions, with 33% of the worldwide population thought to have raised blood pressure, according to the World Health Organisation.

However, only 5-10% of cases have an identifiable medical cause, this means a lifetime of medication to manage the outward symptoms.

The problem is that you more than likely already know, or at least have a very good idea, that the problems associated with high blood pressure are only going to worsen as you grow older, much like the risks.

It doesn’t need to be this way, though.

What we can say for certain is that there are particular lifestyle elements that cause elevated blood pressure, of which some are physical and others are psychological.

The medical world suggests doing something about the physical and just ignores the mental ones in the main.

In our experience, finding the time to deal with these emotional and lifestyle issues can bring surprising results.

Some clients can enjoy consistently lower blood pressure within a few short weeks.

Drugs are an extremely important stepping stone in managing the signs and symptoms of hypertension, but it does nothing to tackle to root causes.

The Hypnotension programme directly addresses the lifestyle factors, both physical and emotional, that can cause elevated blood pressure.

I have been trained in the actual skills needed to uncover, understand and take care of the particular lifestyle aspects that may be causing your elevated blood pressure.

When you visit me, we will work together to reverse the trend and begin to bring your blood pressure level back towards normal.

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