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Not local? We can Skype™!

Hello everyone. Over the last few months and years I have seen great changes in the way I treat people. There are always new therapeutic developments and, as we all know, technology is changing almost daily. I am embracing these … Continue reading

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Love Handles?

Many marriages can start off fabulously, and I’m sure that when you wed the love of your life you probably lost some weight, and tried to shape up for the big day, to look fabulous in the wedding photos. In … Continue reading

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Hypnosis In Bodybuilding

Can Hypnotherapy Help With Bodybuilding? Hypnotherapy has been shown to improve recuperation from hospital operations, and healing in general, so why not muscle repair after a heavy workout? It is truly amazing what the mind can do, changing blood flow, … Continue reading

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Practice Now Open

Broomfields Hypnotherapy’s New Practice Open NOW! After extensive work we are now glad to tell you we are fully open and ready for our new clients in the Wickford area. I so glad to report that we are now up … Continue reading

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Type 2 Diabetes Shown To Be Reversible

Tests have shown that type 2 diabetes can actually be reversed with the help of a low calorie diet. Researchers at the Newcastle University have found that fat levels inside the pancreas and liver can reduce significantly – and thereby … Continue reading

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