Not local? We can Skype™!

Hello everyone.

Over the last few months and years I have seen great changes in the way I treat people. There are always new therapeutic developments and, as we all know, technology is changing almost daily.

I am embracing these changes and have found that hypnotherapy via Skype™ can be a great way to help clients who are too busy, or even have debilitating phobias that can even stop them getting to me for the help that I can give.

Now, please don’t get me wrong; I am happy to treat clients in the comfort of their own homes, but quite often the extra time spent travelling and fuel costs can make this more expensive. In these times of austerity I was thinking of other ways that I could bring my services to my clients.

So here’s the ‘techy’ bit..

How about hypnotherapy via internet?

Most modern smart phones, tablets and laptops have access to Skype™ – which is a video calling application. It’s just like making a telephone call, but with the added advantage of sending and receiving video. I have found this a great medium for hypnotherapy, meaning my clients get treatment in their home at a time that suits them and without the travelling expenses. It means the client will feel safe, secure and so much more comfortable – which makes therapy easier for both the client and myself.

Just like my normal hypnotherapy sessions we will have a chat about what is troubling you, and come up with a treatment plan to suit your needs. The hypnosis is just the same other than the distance between us.

We can arrange a free initial consultation to be done via internet, so you can see how this service would work for you.

I believe that this service can and does already bring great value to my clients both financially and in their valuable time, Maybe this is just what you’ve been waiting for?


Give me a call to find out more.

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