Love Handles?

Many marriages can start off fabulously, and I’m sure that when you wed the love of your life you probably lost some weight, and tried to shape up for the big day, to look fabulous in the wedding photos.

In time that magic can wear off, you get comfortable, and start to pile on the pounds. After a while it seems you’re twice the person you were when you tied the knot – in size, if not in stature. The Love Handles are really not a good look, and when they get too big your partner might even have problems reaching them – or worse! She may not wan’t hold them any more!

Wouldn’t it be great to get back into shape? To lose the Love Handles? To have your love look at you the way they did back then?

Well, you can! You don’t need to crash diet, or go on exhausting week long training camps. It’s all about being in control. So why not gain control once again? Get back to the shape you know deep inside that you would love to be once more.

At Broomfields Hypnotherapy we can help you with this. Get you back on track, and start living life the way you really want to; healthier, fitter, happier. With the added bonus of having a longer life to enjoy all the good things this can bring.

Call us today, and get yourself back on track. We offer Hypnotic Gastric Remapping™ as well as other general weight loss help.

Gain control again! The only thing you have to lose is the weight!

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