Gastric band hypnotherapy comes of age

The hypnotic gastric band comes into its own

Perhaps you have considered choosing gastric band surgery to provide help to shed unwanted weight, but perhaps felt that you couldn’t afford it, or that the concept of undergoing such invasive surgical procedure is off putting? If those factors are not a worry for you, maybe you’ve been thinking of looking into it as a technique to your difficulties?

Read this article before you make your mind up about it. And if you believed that a real weight loss solution was beyond your budget, the subsequent article is for you also.

Below we’ll explain how the non-surgical solution, gastric band hypnotherapy, can be a less dangerous and more cost efficient option.

The Dangers of Gastric Band Surgical Treatment

With any kind of surgery there comes some increased risk. The surgeon may experience unexpected complications whilst operating, or you might have a bad reaction to the operation after your initial recovery. Gastric band surgery is no different; some individuals who have been fitted with the band experienced problems such as abdominal pain, feeling sick and bringing back up food, resulting in the band needing to be taken off again. As the surgical procedure did nothing to overcome the root cause for the person’s weight issues, after the band is removed (which of course requires yet another risky, invasive operation) they usually put any weight they had lost right back on again.

A Smart Decision for Your Overall Health as well as Your Wallet

Gastric band medical procedures can cost up to £7K, and can’t promise a pain-free, long-term resolution for your weight problems. Yet gastric band hypnosis is completely safe and far less costly than its pricey surgical equivalent. A hypnosis gastric band is placed by the hypnotherapist deep in the subconscious, bypassing the requirement to alter the actual stomach.

Using the power of suggestion and strong visualisation with the individual while they are in deep relaxation, the hypnotherapist convinces the subconscious mind that a genuine gastric band has actually been fitted around the stomach. The result is that the individual can begin to feel fuller much quicker after eating, in a similar way they would after gastric band surgery.

By utilising hypnosis, the hypnotherapist can also handle the underlying causes for the client’s factors with food. Hence, the person has a much better chance of achieving sustainable weight management results than they would after having gastric band surgery.

Maintaining Weight reduction Results

A hypnotherapy gastric band provides long term weight control without the risks. You won’t have any anxiety about the prospect of reversal surgery in the coming years, and the ‘band’ can easily be tweaked to meet your evolving needs after some time.

Should you want to slow down or increase your weight loss outcomes, this is extremely difficult and expensive to do with a physical gastric band, yet doing this is simple with hypnosis and only requires another session with your therapist. The professional hypnotherapist can assess your changing weight reduction needs and make adjustments to the band as required.

Unlike gastric band surgery, a hypnotic gastric band leaves you thoroughly in control of your weight loss.

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