Tackling Low Self Esteem

Simple methods to take care of low self-confidence.

A great many people will probably endure highs and lows in their confidence levels during their lifetime, but for many, certain situations can make it challenging to regain their self-confidence fully. Having low self-confidence may mean it is challenging to speak in public, manage stressful circumstances or even attend social events. More often than not low confidence can be caused by having a low self-worth, and people may judge themselves in a detrimental way; it is normally directed at their physical appearance.

Those that have low confidence may appear introvert and self conscious, with difficulty in confrontational circumstances.

In many cases, the environment a person is brought up in could affect the confidence of an individual. Negative incidents, constant critical judgement and even bullying can cause low self-confidence in people, as can situations later in life.

Regretfully, if left untreated, low self-confidence can cause further problems, such as social anxiety, depression, panic attacks and stress. People with low-confidence normally indulge in negative thinking patterns and these patterns can setup feelings of worthlessness and inappropriate beliefs about themselves. Low self-confidence may have ramifications on large aspects of our lives; it can affect things like our social life, how we interact with relatives and friends, interviews and management meetings where you work.

However, confidence issues can be sorted out effectively with the right type of help. Low self-confidence is by and large brought on by inappropriate patterns of behaviour about themselves. By modifying these habits and instilling thoughts and feelings of higher levels of self-confidence, a person can begin to see the huge rewards of gaining help. Higher amounts of confidence can make a significant difference to everything – from relationships with family and friends to career prospects as well as general state of mind.

Using hypnotherapy strategies are one of the most effective ways of eliminating low self-confidence and it could quickly help to make substantial improvements in the person’s confidence levels. It seeks to establish the fundamental cause of the feelings of low confidence and low self-worth and deal with it.

Hypnosis communicates with the subconscious mind and alters the belief systems by replacing negative ideas about oneself with beneficial beliefs of high confidence and self-worth. The strategies used by hypnotherapists are designed to gently find any underlying problems, and deal with factors that may have been quelling your confidence and ability to lead a normal everyday life.

Paul Rungay, an established hypnotherapist, who works at Broomfields Hypnotherapy explained, “many of my clients have seen me for low self esteem issues, thinking they were never good enough. They would often put themselves down, and one client even said it’s better he does it than for someone else to do it for him! It is important to get to the root of these problems, and helping my clients start to naturally feel good about themselves. Many of my clients have said this help has transformed their lives, so – if you feel you may be holding yourself back in situations that you’d love to be in the forefront give us a call.”

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